10 years of experience

5 million Euros invested in technology

20 experts on R&D & development of innovative solution

‘Innovation’ as a cornerstonee

Based in the heart of Sophia Antipolis, MYXYTY developed the 1st “all-in-one” home-automation system connected to the Internet

MYXYTY is closely linked to M2M Solution, a pioneer of the machine-to-machine industry, and specialized in particular on “connected home” services. About thirty senior engineers in electronics, information technologies and telecommunication are developing today’s innovations that might become tomorrow’s standards.

Our research center brings their know-how in the optimization of electronic cards and chips to maintain our advanced technologic position and the quality of our products.

Myxyty offers its service to big players in the Telecom industry, insurance, energy and safety, thanks to co-branding partnership to facilitate and accompany the progress of projects.

On behalf, Myxyty is expanding its partnership strategy to international market, including the USA, Russia, Asia and Middle East countries.


The story begins back in 1998, when Olivier Courtade developed BALEASE, the first car alarm system with GPS and remote stop of the vehicle. COBRA group (#1 of cars’ security) was vividly interested in this technological innovation and decided to buy the company in 2001. Today more than 250.000 are equipped with this car alarm system in more than 28 countries. This project was actually the first success story in terms of embedded safety, combining the 1st GSM/GPRS module as well as an online platform, both dedicated to safety purpose.

From this success, Olivier Courtade created in 2005 M2M Solution with the sole objective of developing standard technological platform (electronics and applicative) for corporate customers who are able to democratize automation usage and bring them to end users.

Created in 2008, Myxyty is an illustration of the founder’s goals to offer to households easy-to-use and affordable automation systems, and provide end users with a better comfort.

Our partners & shareholders

M2M Solution

Engineer Research unit and R&D integrated in the group

Pionneer in the Machine to Machine industry (M2M), the company was founded in 2004 in Sophia Antipolis. Where as its R&D department is based in Bulgaria, the headquarter in France is focusing on solutions for the safety of goods and people and more broadly on “smart home” systems. Altran and SFR have both invested in the capital of the company. M2M Solution provides us its Hardware and Software technologies.

For further information : www.m2msolution.com

Delta Dore

Shareholder & accessories manufacturer

Created in 1970, Delta Dore design, manufacture and commercialize accessories for safety, comfort and energy consumption purposes for individuals, collectives houses and/or professionals buildings. Delta Dore supplies us some of the accessories, all manufactured in France and guaranteed for 2 years.

For further information : www.deltadore.com

Monaco Télécom

Telecom & Hosting Operator

Established in the center of the principality, Monaco Telecom is our historical operator. Their business primarily focus on fixed-line phone, mobile, high speed, entertainment and outsourced services for corporate clients. Its parent-company, Cable&Wireless is a global operator present in many countries around the world. Monaco Telecom is providing us ultra-securized services for our servers’ hosting.

For further information : www.monaco.mc


Banking & international financial services

HSBC is one of the leading banking and financial services worldwide. Thanks to its global network using the most advanced technologies, including an internet network in constant development, HSBC offers a complete range of financial services to more than 100 million clients. HSCBC is our daily banking partner.

For further information : www.hsbc.fr


International secure payment system

Ogone is one of the main provider of online payment system in Europe, with an international presence. Enjoying a connection with more than 200 banks and buyers on the five continents, Ogone platform allows to gather more than 80 different international payment systems in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Middle East and also alternative systems (PayPal, Checkout by Amazon,…).

For further information : www.ogone.fr

Texas Instruments

Conception and manufacturer of semiconductor devices

Texas Instrument conceives and manufactures analog technologies, semiconductors for microcontrollers and DPS (processing of numerical signals). Texas Instrument is a worldwide known producer of semiconductor for analogic processors and integrated numeric and applications processors. Texas Instrument produces for us the hearth of our technologies.

For further information : www.ti.com

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